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This past weekend we presented at the San Diego Home and Garden Show at the San Diego Fair grounds in Del Mar, CA. We took part in the seminar series and spoke on saturday and sunday.

The talk shared a little information on the beginnings of Falling Waters Landscape and how it became the company it is today. We then laid out a brief history on modernism and  the fathers of the movement as it pertains to architecture and more specifically landscape design. Lastly, we laid out the principles and tenets of what comprises the modern garden today and shared some additions that are more relevant in our day than they were 50-70 years ago.

We genuinely enjoyed being  able to try our hand at publicly sharing our experiences and rules we design by for the first time and we hope we can tune and refine our talk for another talk in the future.

Ryan Prange, APLD








On the 14th of September 2013 Ryan Prange will be giving a seminar on “Designing the Modern Garden” at the Fall Home Garden Show. The talk will outline a brief history of modernism in the landscape, including key players and the Architects who inspired them. The talk will focus on: Modern vs. environmentally friendly, tailoring your garden to your “not-so-modern” home, and the materials and hallmarks of a modern garden.


Everyone should join in and visit the show and the seminar. Come support Falling Waters and learn a few things about Modern design too!

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