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This last weekend we participated in the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Building Fair at Seaside beach. With several local vendors, including an awesome breakfast from the Encinitas Fire Dept., the event went really well.

We put together a small display showcasing several plants that will do amazing in our climate. We also highlighted the Falling Waters Bench (available in custom sizes and colors), furniture from our favorite local shop Grounded 101 (www.shopgrounded.com). The weather was sporadic and at times beautiful… the surf was GREAT for Seaside standards, and the people were gracious and laid-back… what else would you expect from a bunch of Cardiffians? I wanted to give a shout to some of the local businesses that we are buddies with, please check them out and why not buy some of their stuff? its great stuff, we promise!

Revolution Bike Shop (www.revolutionbikeshop.com)

Revolution Bike Shop – located near Le Papagayo (great Sangria by the way) on the 101 is the kid on the block as far as biking in North County is concerned. All of the knowledge, parts and service of the other shops but without the attitude! They feel that biking is for everyone, no matter what your level of experience… ahhh how refreshing! So go on in and get sized for that beach-cruiser you’ve wanted, or that road bike, get your bike serviced or just check out Joel’s awesome tattoos! Whatever your biking needs, Revolution Bike Shop is your source.

Sanuk beach sandals and flip-flops (www.sanuk.com)

Sanuk is the essense of local. With a local shop, headed up by a bunch of local guys and gals, this is what sandals should be. Sanuk has been around for over a decade now… where have you been?! They sell all over the world, but you can pick up your pair at Hansons on the 101 or Surfride, or even K-5 in Encinitas.

Gauyaki Yerba Mate (www.guayaki.com)

Looking for that buzz without all the sugar and crash from those “so-called” energy drinks? Look no further than Guayaki Yerba Mate. Try the Lemon or the berry… they swear by the Mint. Its all natural stuff and will make you feel great… just don’t drink one after 4:00pm like I did if you’re sensitive to caffeine.  They gave out free samples at the Show, but you can get yours at Seaside Market in Cardiff, or try one with a healthy burrito at Mozy’s Cafe on the 101.

VEG – Vertical Earth Gardens (www.verticalearthgardens.com)

This is very cool. The vertical earth garden uses cheap materials to create you one awesome vertical vegetable garden. The prices are affordable and the results are awesome. I’m seriously thinking about getting one of these myself, and will definitely call them out on future projects. Check out the website for more info on this inventive idea that is making growing your own food fun and fast!

There was so much more at the show, and we felt very privileged to be part of the action. A big thank you goes out to Betty, Brenda, and Alexis of Steele Realty (www.realtysteele.com) for putting on a great show and including us. Thank you.