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Here are some updated shots of the Colby project in Encinitas. The Black Pines have been trained now for a whole year and within the next few years should really start to like traditional Japanese Bonsai. The plant pallete has filled in nicely and even though this garden uses very little water, it is extremely verdent and has a cooling effect on the house. Enjoy…







It’s been an amazing beginning to 2010. We are staying really busy and I couldn’t be more thankful. I wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know that we are still very much in business and have some really amazing projects on the boards and under construction.

I opted to not do the Garden shows this year so I could focus on the projects we have and to spend more time with my family. Some have taken that to mean we are not doing construction anymore. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I have an amazing group of people working with me to realize my designs. Everyone is involved, the landscapes are true collaborations and they are turning out better than ever.

As promised I will continue to post here as much as I can, and encourage comments. Thank you to everyone for their continued support! Look for our Ads in San Diego Home and Garden, and come back here for more pictures and updates. We have a lot of exciting things happening this year… stay tuned

Here are few photos of some interior plant arrangments completed for Mixture in Little Italy. There are many to choose from and custom arrangements are available. Stop by and check them out!

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