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Almost everybody has a hard time visualizing what a landscape looks like if they’ve never seen it before. Some of us have better imaginations than others, but for the most part we all need to SEE “something” before we can believe it.

When I meet with potential clients I usually within the first 5-10 minutes of touring their space will know what I would do with it. This can be helpful, but it can also hinder the design process. Why? Most of the time my client’s budget is nowhere near my imaginary rendition of their yard. I will sometimes cut off the person mid-sentence and pull out a piece of paper and furiously draw a plan view schematic of the yard or will sketch a three dimensional element that will be pivotal to the design. It baffles me every time, but invariably my chicken-scratch of a drawing does more to explain my vision than I could ever care to articulate verbally.

There are a number of 3D programs out there, some good, others painfully soulless. So imagine my happiness when I came across Sketch-Up. Yes… it has been around for awhile, mostly used by Architects and interior designers. But when applied to the landscape world, Sketch-Up allows one to take the blurred visions of a left-brained plant guy and translate them into eloquent and startlingly beautiful pictures… from any angle… of the prospective new space. Check it out…

Rough Pencil Sketch

Rough Pencil Sketch

add some color...

add some color...

et viola... Finished product

et viola... Finished product

Pretty cool.


Eli was born a week ago tomorrow, hes healthy and beautiful

You wait for something for so long and when it finally arrives you can’t believe it. It has been a surreal week and I cant wait for the rest. So many of you wanted to see some pictures of him, so here they are. He was born 4/25/09 and was 6lbs8oz.

Here he is in Catalina, taken about 4 months later…


To get ready for a private garden tour next week, Bryan and Jora Vess wanted us to spruce up their upper deck area. We craned in 3 large Olive trees (Est. 80 years old) and will finish the area with Decomposed Granite and some Agave vilmoriniana. More pictures after its completed. Enjoy

Olive tree

Vess Olive trees

Our Modern Concrete Bench can be adapted to most any outdoor space. The clean lines and simple shape allow it to compliment, not compete for attention. The bench is constructed using high density foam with a concrete-like shell for durability. It has the strength equivilent to 3000 psi. The Redwood can be changed out for any kind of durable seating surface and the concrete bases can be stuccoed or painted to continue an existing color scheme. The benches are available for purchase and can be delivered.

Concrete and Redwood bench

Concrete and Redwood bench

The Falling Waters Bench

Hello everyone,

We are really excited about our new site and the introduction of our Blog!

This blog will be a place to share ideas, stories, photos, and general musings of all things related to Outdoor living. I will post as often as I can and encourage all comments, positive or negative.

Zach and I would like to thank our families, friends, and supporters for all your help and encouragement!

Now go do something productive! Quit wasting time on the computer!